Best Way to Manage your Lawn and Pets

Best Way to Manage your Lawn and Pets

Pets can wreak havoc on a lawn so the best thing you can do is find out which turf variety best suits your needs and your geographic location. Remember, pets, especially dogs not only go to the toilet on the lawn, which can lead to things like urine burn, but they love digging and playing. There are many types of grasses that just can’t handle all of that. So if you are going to be a pet owner you need a lawn that is pet friendly.

Which turf?

Dogs make great pets but are renowned for digging holes all over the place, especially on freshly grown green turf. They cause much wear and tear to grass through their playing, pacing or just urinating. Their urine can damage lawns so you need a turf that can manage that. The answer is either a Kikuyu, Couch or Zoysia. Again it depends on where you live in Australia as to which turf suits yours conditions. All three species have varieties of turf that are not only tough but also self-repairing. This means those holes left by your dog’s latest bone hiding adventure will soon be gone and covered over with lovely grass.

Pet safety when caring for your lawn

There will be a time when you want to fertilise or even use pesticides upon your lawn. In this instance, it is vital you read the labels of all products and ensure your pets do not ingest any of the substances. Read product labels for safety precautions and to know when to allow your pets’ free range of the lawn once again.

Visit the Quick Lawn Selection Guide to see which lawn suits you and your pets.

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