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Control certain weeds such as Crabgrass and Broadleaf weeds with our lawn herbicide products. Our liquid lawn herbicide products are great weed and bindi killers for Buffalo Grass, Blue Couch and Green Grass.  

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Wide range of Lawn Herbicides

A lawn herbicide is a chemical used to kill or otherwise manage certain species of weed plants considered to be pests. Plant pests, or weeds, compete with your lawn for light, water, nutrients, and space. There are two types of herbicides; pre- and post-emergent.

Properly applied, pre-emergent lawn herbicides work extremely well if your application timing is right. Pre-emergent lawn herbicides work by forming a layer in the soil where a germinating weed has to grow through. The pre-emergent lawn herbicide barrier interrupts the growth process and prevents the seed from pushing through to the germination stage. Before you choose a pre-emergent lawn herbicide first make sure you know what sort of weed it is. For instance, if you have had crabgrass, you should select a pre-emergent labelled for crabgrassSelective pre-emergent herbicides are applied to lawns before weeds appear, preventing weeds from germinating and emerging. Selective pre-emergent lawn herbicides target certain weeds and do not prevent all weeds, so be sure to read product labels to find an herbicide for the weed or weeds you are trying to prevent.

Once a particular weed has emerged, a pre-emergent lawn herbicide will not stop the weed from growing! You need to use a post-emergent lawn herbicide once the weed starts growing in your lawn. Post-emergent lawn herbicides control weeds that have sprouted through your lawn.  Clover, Nutgrass and Crabgrass are just some of the many weeds post-emergent lawn herbicides can target.

Lawn Herbicides Suitable for Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu turf

There is a wide selection of myhomeTURF pre- and post-emergent herbicides that are suited for your particular lawn, whether it be Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu grasses. myhomeTURF highly recommends first referring to the label on your lawn herbicide to ensure it is suitable for your type of grass.

Selective Lawn Herbicides are products that control or suppress different plant species without harming the growth of your specific lawn. Most of the broadleaf herbicides are good examples of Selective Herbicides because they will not injure the lawn when applied. Non-selective Lawn Herbicides control or suppress weeds and grass regardless of species. A common product that falls into the Lawn Herbicide category is Roundup. Non-selective Lawn Herbicides are used to spray along fences, rock beds, and sidewalks. Make sure that you read the label before applying the product. Not every Non-selective Lawn Herbicide will control every weed.

myhomeTURF’s selection of Lawn Herbicides are suitable for all Broadleaf Weeds such as Bindii, Capeweed, Cats Ear, Flatweed, Chickweed, Clover, White Clover, Cotula, Oxalis, Cudweed, Dandelion, Fleabane, Khaki Weed, Lambs Tongue, Mallow, Burr Medi, Pearlwort, Pennywort and Thistles as well as Grass Weeds such as Crowsfoot, Paspalum, Nut Grass, Mullumbimby Couch, Summer Grass and Winter Grass.

Unsure what Lawn Herbicide you need?

myhomeTURF highly recommends understanding the type of lawn you have as well as which weed you are trying to remove before purchasing a lawn herbicide. Also, the time of the year and whether the weed has emerged from the soil will again determine the type of lawn herbicide you purchase. Always refer to the label for guidance and if you are unsure what lawn herbicide is right for you read myhomeTURF’s Concise Lawn Herbicide Guide.